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Showing respect for our staff

Our staff are facing the same challenges as everyone else and need to carry out essential work
Tower Hamlets Homes -
29 January 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic means that we’re living in unprecedented and challenging times. THH staff like all of us, are adjusting to new ways of working and living. A lot of things are outside of our control; being kind to each other is one thing that we can all do.

As an organisation, our priority is to support our residents by providing the best services we can, whilst responding to new challenges. Whilst some of our staff can work from home, we have a large number who need to be out and about on our housing estates to deliver our essential services.

Carrying out essential work to keep you safe

Government guidelines mean that our staff are considered essential workers and there are things that we must carry on doing, to comply with the law. The pandemic also means that some work is even more vital than ever, such as keeping estates and communal areas in blocks clean, carrying out urgent repairs and safety inspections inside homes.

With many residents working from home, or facing periods of not being able to work, much more time is being spent inside homes. This means that regular inspections, for example ones for fire and gas safety are extremely important. Whilst working, staff comply with the highest safety standards, including social distancing and wearing of personal protective equipment. We ask you to do the same if you are in contact with our colleagues, for everyone’s safety.

Help us to help you

We’re sorry to report that recently some of our staff have experienced verbal and physical abuse, hostility and aggression, whilst on our estates. The work of our staff is important, and the vast majority of our residents understand and respect this.

For the minority of our residents who behave in an unacceptable way towards our staff we will take action against them.

We investigate all cases of concern and will involve the police and our Anti-Social-Behaviour team. In the most serious cases residents could face legal action which could result in eviction.

It’s difficult and frustrating for us all, however we will not allow this to translate into bullying and abuse towards our staff.


Tower Hamlets Homes -
29 January 2021