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Subletting a Council managed property

As a council leaseholder, the terms of your lease generally allows for you to sublet your leasehold property. However, this is subject to the condition that all sublets must be registered with the council as soon it has been let. Failure to register a sublet with the council constitutes an enforceable breach of the conditions of your lease.

When registering a sublet with the council you will have to submit a copy of the tenancy agreement for each of the tenancies that you have offered and provide a copy of a valid gas safety certificate for the property that you are subletting.

Where the sublet is for period of 12 months or more you are also required to complete a Deed of Covenant, confirming that the tenancy agreement you have with your tenant has the same conditions as your lease. As a leaseholder, you will always remain responsible for complying with all the terms of the lease and the conduct of your tenants during the period that the property is sublet.

You will also need to tell us your new contact details, so that we can get in touch with you urgently if we need to, and so that we can be sure we are sending your invoices to the correct address.

Please see below for detailed information on how to register a sublet of your council managed leasehold property and the information and documents that we require to complete the registration process.

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) 

Please note that if you are subletting your home, you must register your sublet and adhere to the relevant requirements which applies to you as a subletting leaseholder. You should ensure the property is safe, not overcrowded and all relevant safety certificates (electrical, gas safety certificates, etc.) are in place. Should there be an incident e.g a fire or escape of water as a result of poor health and safety conditions or existing fire risk within your property that you did not remedy which leads to losses or damages, you will be liable and may be prosecuted.

If you are subletting your home and it’s occupied by three or more unrelated persons, who do not form a single household and share amenities such as bathrooms, your home is an HMO. You would require a licence from the Council to sublet your home in this way. For more information and to find out what licence(s) you would need to obtain please contact Environmental Health and Trading Standards, Tel: 020 7364 5008, email:

Sublet registration documents and information

Documents required for registering a sublet

Leasehold Subletting Update Form

Leasehold Subletting Deed of Covenant Template (template and guidance notes)

Leasehold Subletting Guidance Notes & FAQs

You can download the full pack here

A sublet registration administration fee of £25 per tenancy (or as specified in your lease) registered at this address is payable on registration. We are currently only accepting telephone call back payments using a Debit/Credit Card for this service. Just select the option on the Update Form and provide a contact name and contact number when it’s submitted.

Rights and responsibilities of Leaseholders who sublet their property

Leasehold Subletting Information Pack

Information for tenants of Leaseholders

Find out more here

Additional subletting requirements set by LBTH Council

Find out more here

Landlord gas safety obligations

Find out more here

Please use the link below to register a sublet of your council managed leasehold property. If you own more than one council managed property and wish to register a sublet for these, you must registers each sublet individually.

Register a leasehold subletopens new window

Failure to disclose all relevant information and documents required for the registration of a leasehold sublet

If you fail to disclose all relevant information and/ or fail to submit all correct and relevant documents, your application to register a leasehold sublet will be delayed. 

If we have written to you to request further information and/or documents in order to proceed with your sublet registration, please use the link below to submit this.

We recommend that you provide full details as specified or copies of the relevant documents outlining the information that we have requested.

Submit additional subletting information/documentsopens new window


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