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THH's 'Operation Shadow' keeping residents and communities safe

Joint police operation to target anti-social behaviour
Tower Hamlets Homes -
19 April 2021

The anti-social behaviour (ASB) team from Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) are in the middle of Operation Shadow; a partnership operation including THH police teams, other Police such as Traffic Officers and Safer Neighbourhoods Teams.

Taking place from 12 to 26 April there will be a lot happening over the 2 weeks duration of the operation, with multiple tactics being deployed and teams will be moving around key locations across the borough to tackle activity in known hotspots for ASB.

Stop and search results

Thursday 15 April saw an operation to stop traffic and search vehicles, on Poplar High Street to check for ASB, drug use and traffic violations. The results included:

  • 47 vehicle stops
  • 14 stop searches (weapons and drugs)
  • 2 arrests (one for a recall to prison and one for failure to appear at court for an assault on a Parkguard Officer
  • 10 cases reported for driving offences including having no insurance and using a mobile phone whilst driving
  • 1 vehicle seizure 

A further update will be given at the end of the operation. 

Report ASB to us

Please continue to report any instances of ASB to us - there is more information on this part of our website.

Tower Hamlets Homes -
19 April 2021