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Record year of success in tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB)

2020 saw a record breaking year of success for tackling ASB on our housing estates
Tower Hamlets Homes -
02 February 2021

We recognise that one of the greatest concerns for our residents is the impact of anti-social behaviour (ASB).

Working with our partners, 2020 saw a record year for success in tackling anti-social behaviour across Tower Hamlets Homes’ managed estates in the borough.

Despite the impact and added challenges of the pandemic, we are still delivering essential services to residents.

We carried out targeted enforcement, resulting in hundreds of arrests, drug intervention referrals and the seizure of tens of thousands of pounds worth of illicit drugs and cash from the borough’s streets.

 The results for 2020 include: 

  • 297 Arrests/cautions
  • 2090 Anti-social behaviour warnings
  • 577 Criminal intelligence reports
  • 209 Drug intervention referrals
  • Cash Seizures of £40K
  • Drug Seizures of £50K
  • 5 Closure Orders Obtained via the Courts
  • 9 Warrants Obtained and Executed
  • 3 Tower Hamlets Homes targeted ASB Operations
  • 38 Civil Injunctions

If you are concerned about ASB in your area please contact us.


Tower Hamlets Homes -
02 February 2021