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Security around your home

Door entry systems

To help maintain security and prevent unwanted visitors in a block of flats:

  • Make sure that the door locks behind you
  • Never leave the entrance door propped open
  • Try not to let strangers follow you in, even if they appear genuine
  • Don’t release the door for everyone who buzzes

Only release it when you know who it is.

Visitors to your home

To maintain your personal safety at home:

  • If you have a door viewer (spy hole), check who’s at the door, before opening it
  • If you have a chain, keep it on when you open the door
  • If you don’t know the visitor, ask to see some form of identification, and check it carefully
  • If you are unsure, ask the visitor to wait outside and telephone the organisation they claim to represent. All our staff and contractors carry identification – if someone can’t produce an identity card, DO NOT let them into your home – contact us straight away or call 999 and ask for the police

We can also give our repairs staff a password of your choice to give you for your peace of mind – let us know if you want this when you report a repair.


Safety at home

Many things around your home can cause accidents but there are some simple things you can do to help prevent them. Here are some handy tips to help keep you safe:

  • Keep items you use daily in places that are easy to reach
  • Store heavy items on low shelves
  • Keep cleaning products and other dangerous materials in a secure, childproof place
  • Tidy away toys and other items when not in use to prevent accidents and throw away damaged toys and any other objects
  • Keep medicines and vitamins in their original containers in a secure, child-proof place and return leftover medicines to the chemist
  • Think about fitting corner guards to any sharp edges around your home

Take a few simple precautions by following our handy tips to help keep your home safe from burglary and theft:

  • Mark valuable items with your postcode and house number, or keep a note of serial numbers
  • Close your curtains and leave a light on in a main room when you go out in the evening
  • Fit a timer device to a living-room lamp to make the house look as if someone is in when you go away. Let us know if you are going away for more than a month
  • Arrange with a neighbour you trust to keep an eye on each other’s houses or think about setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme
  • Check that all windows and doors are closed when you go out
  • Keep any store shed or garage locked if you have one
  • Don’t leave your keys or any money where a stranger might find them, see them or reach them through the letter box

If you are concerned for your safety contact the Police immediately on 999.

The police non-emergency number is 101.