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Making an insurance claim for loss or damage

Housing Insurance Claim

Tenants, leaseholders or any member of the public can make an insurance claim for compensation if they feel they have sustained loss or damage due to negligence by your housing management service or our contractors.

Negligence would be something we have done or failed to do which has caused the loss or damage.

How do I make a claim?

Your claim needs to be made with our claim insurance documents, which can be downloaded here or requested by ringing 0207 364 5015. 

You can then submit your Housing Insurance Claim by uploading the documents through our online form by clicking the button below. You can upload your application as a scanned image/photo/document, which must be clearly legible. 

Alternatively you can post your claim form to us at :

Tower Hamlets Town Hall

160 Whitechapel Road, London

E1 1BJ

Submit your housing insurance claimopens new window

What happens when we have received the form?

When we receive the completed form we will need to carry out an inspection to gather further information relating to the claim. If the claim is against one of our contractors we will forward the information to the appropriate contractor for consideration by their insurers. If the claim is against your housing management service, then we will forward the form with any relevant information we hold to the Council’s Insurance Team. Please note that whilst all claims will be fully considered, compensation is not guaranteed. Also, compensation is only paid in circumstances where there has been negligence, which means that the loss or damage has been caused because of something Tower Hamlets Council or our contractor have done or not done.

We do not insure home contents such as furniture, belongings or decorations. Therefore, tenants and leaseholders are strongly advised to take out their own home contents insurance. To help with this, we have teamed up with Thistle Tenant Risks who offer low-cost, contents insurance cover. Further details about the scheme can be found on the Home Contents Insurance page of our website.

Any claims for personal injury due to negligence will be sent to the Council’s Insurance Team for consideration.