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Get involved

How to get involved with helping to shape and improve our services

Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs)

TRAs are a great way to get involved in your community. They give a voice to residents who want to get involved in how their homes and neighbourhoods run. The TRAs below are listed by neighbourhood. If you have any queries or would like to contact a TRA without contact details here, please email


Patriot Square and Mayfield House TRA

First Floor Community Hall

Mayfield House

Cambridge Heath Road

E2 9LG

Chair: Kate Eberwein



Wellington Estate TRA

Chair: Gerry Matthews


Tel: 07483 842356




Sorry, there is no recognised TRA in this neighbourhood.



Barleymow TRA

Barleymow TRA Hall

Brewster House

Three Colt Street

E14 8HU

Chair: Derrick Cutler


Berner & Royal Mint

10-44 Ellen Street Leaseholders' Association

Ellen Street

London E1 1PE

Chair: Javeed-Ghazia Ayyub


Berner Estate Leaseholders Association

Chair: Jamalur Rahman



Royal Mint Estate TRA

Chair: Naz Islam



Bethnal Green Road

Hereford Residents' Association

Westhope House

Derbyshire Street

E2 6HL

Chair: Jerome Flinders



Granby TRA

Location under refurbishment

Chair: Lorraine Smith



Birchfield TRA

Birchfield Estate Hall

50 Saltwell Street


E14 0DZ

Chair: Muna Mohamed




Boundary TRA

St Hilda's Community Centre

18 Club Row


E2 7EY

Chair: Susanna Kow




Chicksand East TRA

Ground Floor

Pauline House

Old Montague Street

E1 5NX

Chair: Ruhel Islam



Pauline House

Old Montague Street

London E1

Chair: Anam Hoque




Collingwood TRA

Collingwood Community Hall

[Below Orion House]

Barnsley Street


E1 5BY

Chair: Iain Lawson

General enquiries: Phil Sedler - 02072 475269

Hall bookings & enquires: Kenneth - 07983 143827



Cranbrook TRA

Cranbrook Community Centre

Mace Street

E2 0RB

Chair: Liam McQuade

Main Contact: Janet Burns (Treasurer)

Tel (text only): 07855 988374



Columbia TRA

11 Ravenscroft Street

E2 7SH

Chair: Kevin McKenna




Cuff Point Leaseholders' Association

Columbia Road


E2 7PP

Chair: Russell Johnston



Strickland Leaseholders' Association

Strickland House

Chambord Street


E2 7LP

Secretary: Jane Miller


East India Dock Road

Will Crooks TRA

1 Wigram House

Wades Place

E14 0DE

Chair: Sister Christine Frost



Globe Town

Longnor TRA

Longnor Community Centre

2 Bradwell Street

E1 4GP

Chair: Joan Burton




Malmesbury TRA

Caxton Hall

Malmesbury Street

E3 2EE

Chair: Shubo Hussain




St Peter's Square TRA

St Peter's Church Hall

56 Warner Place

E2 7DA

Chair: Colleen Willmott



Teesdale & Hollybush TRA

Kedleston Walk Community Centre

Hollybush Gardens

E2 9RP

Chair: Margaret Cox

Tel: 07940 234826




Brunton Wharf TRA

Ground Floor Anglia House

66 Salmon Lane

E14 7PW

Chair: Ian Campbell



Limehouse Causeway TRA

Limehouse Town Hall,

646 Commercial Road, Limehouse

E14 7HP

Chair: Lucilia Branco



Pitsea Estate TRA

Ogilvie Community Hall

Ogilvie House

Stepney Causeway

E1 0JP

Chair: Elaine King



Waterview House TRA

Chair: Giammarco Campanella




Latham House

Ground floor

community Room

Chudleigh Street

E1 0RD

Chair: Shams Uddin



152-288 Campbell Road Leaseholders Association

Campbell Road

Bow, E3

Watts Grove

Lighthouse Baptist Church

135 Devons Rd



E3 3QX

Chair: Abdul Goni




Locksley TRA

Dora Hall

Dora Street

E14 7TP

Chair: Steve Russell



Ocean North / Ocean South

Ocean Estate Tenants & Leaseholders Association

Community Hall

Anson House Forecourt

Ernest Street E1 4SE

Chair: Brenda Daley



Old Ford Road

Parkview Residents' Association

The Glass House

161 Old Ford Road

E2 9QB

Chair: Shamsia Begum 




Mulberry House TRA

Mulberry House

Victoria Park Square

E2 9PQ

Chair: Laura Repko



Poplar High Street

St Matthias TRA

St Matthias Community Centre

92 Cottage Street


Chair: Yvonne Taylor



Roman Road

Sorry, there is no recognised TRA in this neighbourhood.



Shadwell Gardens TRA

Shadwell Community Centre

129 Shadwell Gardens

Cable Street

E1 2QL

Chair: Join Uddin



Tarling West TRA

1a Newton House

Cornwall Street

E1 2QP

Chair: Fokrul Islam




Sidney Street TRA

Chair: Tony Hoolaghan



John's Place TRA

Chair: Vernon Hunte



St Dunstan's

Sorry, there is no recognised TRA in this neighbourhood.


St Stephen's

Sorry, there is no recognised TRA in this neighbourhood.



Matilda Residents' Association (leaseholders)

Matilda House

St Katharine's Way

London E1W


Residents' of Oswell and Doughty Association (RODA)

Raine's House

St Katharine's and Wapping


Interim Chair: Jane Myerscough


If no contact details listed are for your local TRA, please contact for more information.

For lots of useful information about the role of TRAs, read our handy guide (at the top of the page).


What is a TMO?

A Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) is an organisation set-up by tenants and/or leaseholders to manage their estate/block. Every council tenant in England and Wales has the right to manage the housing services they receive. This is set out in Government guidance.

Each TMO has its own legal contract with the Council, known as the Modular Management Agreement. This agreement outlines what services the TMO is responsible for and what services the Council is responsible for on an estate. The Management Agreement also gives the Council powers to monitor TMOs and act when a TMO is not performing. TMOs usually operate as a co-operative or non-profit making community company. The Council provides TMOs with their own local offices and office equipment including IT. TMOs employ their own staff to provide housing management services to their residents.

How many TMOs are in Tower Hamlets?

There are 4 TMO in Tower Hamlets:

Bancroft (603 properties)

Withy (81properties)

Dennis (75 properties)

Birchfield (24 properties)


What services are TMOs responsible for in Tower Hamlets?

TMOs can choose how much or how little responsibility they want to take over from the Council. The services managed by TMOs vary but in Tower Hamlets, TMO managed services include:

  • Day-to-day repairs and maintenance
  • Tenancy management
  • Caretaking
  • ASB
  • Rent collection and rent recovery.

In Tower Hamlets, THH and not the TMOs are responsible for major works such as repairing the structure of buildings or installing fire safety equipment. Programs to replace kitchens, bathrooms, doors and windows also remain the responsibility of the THH.

How are TMOs financed?

THH pays TMOs an annual allowance by which is dependent on the size of the TMO and the services it provides. How much allowance each TMO receives is determined by Government guidance.

Are TMOs in Tower Hamlets responsible for fire safety?

As with all Tower Hamlets estates, most aspects of fire safety remain the responsibility of the Council as the landlord.

Tower Hamlets is responsible for:

  • Conducting Fire Risk Assessments
  • Maintaining fire safety equipment
  • Maintaining the structure of buildings
  • Maintenance of fire alarms and smoke detectors
  • Maintaining fire safety signs
  • Carrying out all repairs and improvements related to fire safety

The TMOs role in fire safety is to work with residents to help prevent fire safety hazards, such as blocking access and escape routes or fire hazards in properties. TMOs are also responsible for carrying out regular visual inspections of estates and reporting any concerns to THH.

How are TMOs regulated in Tower Hamlets?

TMOs in Tower Hamlets are closely regulated by THH:

A dedicated THH team is responsible for the regulation and performance management of TMOs in Tower Hamlets.

Government guidance allows THH to act against TMOs which can result in THH in conjunction with the Council taking back certain services or, if necessary, closing the TMO and bringing all services on the estate back under the full control of THH.

THH undertakes reviews of each TMO. Where the Management Agreement is not being met, an action plan is agreed with the TMO Board which is monitored by the TMO team. Formal action can be taken against the TMO if necessary.

TMO performance is monitored by THH and is scrutinised by EMT.


Setting up a TMO

You can set up a TMO in six steps:

  1. Explore the options for involvement
  2. Right to manage notice
  3. Develop business plan training and negotiations
  4. Competence assessment
  5. Offer to tenants and then ballot
  6. Setting up and going live

Becoming a member of a TMO, or starting one yourself, is one way of becoming more involved with your housing services. A group of tenants and/ or leaseholders will start by looking at the options for taking over services.

Council tenants and or leaseholders have the right to set up a TMO provided they have been independently assessed to be competent to manage the proposed services and many secure tenants agree to the TMO in a secret ballot.

If a TMO is set up, you remain as a tenant or a leaseholder of the council and your existing rights are protected.

More information is available from the National Federation of TMOs. If you are interested in setting up a TMO, please contact us.

Contact TMOs

Withy House TMO

Globe Road,


E1 4AJ.

T: 020 7702 7674 (Office opening hours - Mon, Wed & Fri 10:00-18:00)

Bancroft TMO

12 Wickford Street


E1 5QN

0207 2658343

Birchfield TMO

Birchfield House

Birchfield Street

London E14

Contact: David Lucas

Dennis TMO

Bracken House

Devons Road


E3 3RG

0207 987 3834