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Get involved

How to get involved with helping to shape and improve our services

Get Involved

It is crucial that our residents have the information and opportunities they need to scrutinise, shape and improve our services. By offering a range of engagement activities we hope to ensure:

  • Empowered and involved residents who can shape the services they receive
  • Increased transparency for residents on landlord performance and finances
  • Fair and respectful treatment of all residents and their range of diverse needs
  • Clear pathways of communication between residents and landlords

This falls under our duty to fulfil the Regulator for Social Housing's Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard.

Follow the links above for information on Accessibility and successes from previous engagement.

If you would like alternative formats of any of these documents, please contact us.

Be a part of the change...

If you would like to know more about the ways you can get involved or wanted to be added to our 'Getting Involved' register, please email

How you can get involved

Resident Panel

Attend regular meetings and shape our service

The panel look at performance, important topics and discuss improvements for service delivery. It is a formal group, consisting of 11 residents who meet every two months, any resident is able to observe these meetings.

For more information on the Resident Panel, click here.

TRAs and TMOs

Have a say in your local community

We support the formation of Tenant and Resident Associations (TRAs) and Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs). TRAs also receive funds to support engagement activities in their local area.

For more information on TRAs and TMOs, click here.

Service Development Group

Give your feedback and work collaboratively

Residents can participate in informal, ad-hoc workshops and sessions to develop our service delivery and feedback to us on particular areas.

For more information on Service Development Groups, click here.


Answer questions which indicate our performance

It is crucial that we obtain feedback from a wider group of residents on a range of areas. Our survey provider KWEST will contact residents, usually by telephone but also by post, SMS or online through our website, to complete a survey.

Results from the surveys are used as key performance measures which are regularly reported to staff, our Board and LBTH.

To have a closer look at our performance, click here.


Give your view on a proposal

Some residents may be contacted to participate in consultations. These are part of a formal process to capture resident views and opinions on a specific matter, before progressing with the proposal.

Residents may be consulted on anything from parking to bathroom tiles! The most regular form of consultation happens for our Leaseholders (Section 21).

Successes from previous engagement

  • The Service Development Group helped shaped in-call messaging to make simpler and more effective
  • The Resident Panel wanted more transparency and involvement in strategic decisions, we listened and now host joint annual Away Days for our Resident Panel and Board
  • This webpage is just one of the pages that was re-designed collaboratively with our Service Development Group


We have put in place some accessibility arrangements to ensure there are no barriers to engaging with our residents, these include:

  • Hybrid arrangements so people can join sessions from home or remotely as well as attend in person
  • Travel costs to in person sessions are covered by us
  • Childcare costs to in person session are covered by us