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Applying for a visitor scratch card on a TMO Estate 

Who can purchase a visitor scratch card?

  1. Residents or their non- dependants living in council-managed estate/block
  2. Sub tenants – living in council estate/block
  3. Non-resident leaseholders – carrying out maintenance to their property

What documents do I need to show?

You must provide a document which shows proof of residence (must have name and address). This could be: 

  1. Driving licence
  2. Utility bills – gas or electric (dated within 3 months of application – includes online printed bills)
  3. Council tax bill – (current financial year)
  4. Tenancy agreement (current years for sub-tenants or start date within 3 months for tenants)
  5. Service charge bill/statement (current financial years, only for non – resident leaseholders plus letter/email/quotes from building maintenance company on a headed paper stating address of property and details of work being carried out.)

How do I apply?

The cost of a visitor scratch card is £3.00 per card. Payment can be made by bank cards  (excluding american express/diners cards) via phone on 020 7364 5015.

Terms and conditions

  1. Maximum of 10 visitor scratch cards can be purchased in any rolling months per property.
  2. Each scratch card is valid for whole day (mid night to mid night and two years from date of issue).
  3. Cards will only be issued for zone / estate nearest to applicants address.
  4. They are valid on council estate visitors bays only (they are not valid on resident permit holder / disabled / contractors bays in council estates or the public highway / non council estates/private land).
  5. Only one scratch card can be displayed at any given time.
  6. No refund will be issued for out of date or unused scratch card. 
  7. The scratch card does not guarantee a parking space.
  8. Any alternations or tampering on the scratch card will make it invalid.
  9. The scratch card is only valid for the zone / estate printed on it.