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Community food gardens

Search for community food gardens in your area

We work with residents to improve and maintain existing community food gardens. We also set up new ones where we can and where local residents support the idea.

Watch this film about residents and their families involved in community food gardens Growing communities together

Community Food Gardens in our neighbourhoods

  • Approach, Russia Lane
  • Approach, Reynolds House
  • Barley Mow, Kiln Court
  • Barley Mow, West India House
  • Berner, Ellen Street
  • Chicksand, Lister House
  • Collingwood, Heathpool Court
  • Cranbrook, Mace Street
  • Deancross, back of Watney Market
  • Dorset, Tomlinson Close
  • East India Dock Road, Devitt House
  • East India Dock Road, Leyland House
  • East India Dock Road, East India Building
  • Globe Town, Cleveland Estate
  • Globe Town, Merceron House
  • Hollybush, Rocky Park
  • Hollybush, Hollybush House
  • Hollybush, James Middleton House
  • Limehouse, Brunton Wharf
  • Limehouse, Old Church Road
  • Locksley, Midhurst House
  • Malmesbury, Trellis Square
  • Roman Road, Morris House
  • Sidney, Kerry House
  • St Peters, Shepherd House
  • Shadwell, Solander Gardens
  • Shadwell, Ring House
  • Shadwell, Shadwell Gardens
  • Shadwell, Donovan House
  • St Dunstans – Louise De Marillac House
  • Wapping, Doughty Court (Wapping Lane)

How to set up a community food garden

If you would like a community food garden in your neighbourhood, contact your Community Partnerships Officer. He or she can help check if there is a suitable area, consult your neighbours and help you apply for funding. There is a fair bit of work involved in getting food gardens off the ground, but we think it is worth it - and we will give you all the help and support that you need.

Contact us on:

Tel: 020 7364 5015