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Better neighbourhoods

Find out how we're investing in your homes and neighbourhoods.

Estate Inspections

Our quarterly estate inspections are open to residents and take place every January, April, July & October of Each year.

Our Investment Programme

Our current programme of major works planned for 2022-25 can be viewed on a block-by-block basis by using the interactive map at the link provided below.

investment programme

'Better Neighbourhoods' is our investment programme - our long-term plan to invest in the homes and neighbourhoods we manage. We’re investing around £160 million over the next five years.

You can read all about the programme in detail in our booklet:



We’ll repair and improve thousands of council homes, making a difference to the lives of our residents.

The new investment programme includes our interactive map of major woks. Use the map to find out how we’re investing money in your homes and neighbourhoods.

We will always consult you before we do any works, such as repairs, improvements or major works that will cost you more than £250. For more details, download the Leaseholder Guide to Major Works.


How to use the interactive map:

As with all long-term investments, schemes and dates may be subject to change. You can keep up-to-date with our Investment Programme by checking the interactive map every three months for the latest details.


Open the interactive map here



Type your address or postcode in the ‘Find Address’ box. Click the search button or the enter key on your keyboard.



The map will automatically zoom to the closest match. A pop-up box lists the planned improvements. If you want to zoom to a different address, you can select this from the list.


You can find the key to the map in the top right hand corner.


Navigating the Map

How to zoom in and out:

  • Use the zoom tool on the map
  • Use the scroll when on your mouse
  • Use the +/- on the numeric keyboard
  • Double-click on the map to zoom in at that location

How to move around the map:

  • Use the arrow keys (up, down, left, right)
  • Use your left mouse to click and drag the map (panning)