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Rights and responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities for repairs

What is a repair?

Responsive repairs are usually unforeseen, minor in nature and can generally be completed on a first visit. Repairs will be categorised, given a priority and a target time for completion. Replacement of larger components such as doors and kitchens are not usually considered to be a responsive repair and will be treated as planned works.

Service Standards

Our aim is to provide an excellent repairs service that meets the standards agreed with our residents, is responsive to their needs, achieves high levels of satisfaction, delivers value for money and is delivered at an affordable cost.

We will:

  • Provide a 24 hour, seven days a week telephone service to report emergency repairs
  • Provide alternative online methods for reporting non-emergency repairs
  • Offer a choice of appointment time slots which is generally a two hour slot at times of the day convenient for you
  • Complete the appointment when we say we will, according to its priority
  • Complete your repair correctly on the first visit whenever we can
  • Carry out a gas safety check every year (if your home is fitted with a gas boiler, gas fire or gas supply)
  • Carry out quality check inspections to a number of repairs to check the quality of work

Inspect and maintain all communal equipment such as lifts, fire detection equipment, emergency lighting and communal water tanks as required by law.

We only use employees and contractors who take pride in their work and are suitably qualified and experienced to complete the work they are asked to do. They will follow our Code of Conduct and will carry and provide photo identification before entering your home.

We will treat you and your home with courtesy and respect at all times. We will ensure we do not cause damage to your belongings when carrying out work and will leave your home and communal areas clean and tidy following the completion of work.

Tenant’s Rights and responsibilities

It is our job to maintain your home and the structure of buildings but there are some things that are your responsibility:
• the repair or replacement of internal doors and internal door furniture (but not fire doors)
• the clearance of blockages to sinks, baths and basins where this has been caused by the residents
• the repair or replacement of draught excluders
• the repair or replacement of internal glazing
• the repair or replacement of gates, garden paths and fences (except those leading to the property or adjacent to public highway, public walkways or play area)
• the repair or replacement of kitchen furniture (except worktops as a result of normal wear and tear)
• the repair or replacement of faulty external door furniture not fitted by us (except Yale type locks or night latch locks)
• locks, as a result of lost or damaged keys
• the repair and replacement of plugs and chains for baths, basins and sinks
• any installations fitted by you e.g. kitchens, bathrooms, light fittings, flooring
• any unauthorised adaptations, for example removal of walls, installation of partitions, structural alterations, arched doorways.

Leaseholders Rights and responsibilities

We will undertake repairs to leaseholders’ properties where there is a contractual or other legal obligation that we have and these usually include the structure and common parts of the building and the supply of services to each flat.

Leaseholders are responsible for all repairs to the inside of the flat including kitchens and all services inside the property including pipework.

Leaseholders can ask council contractors to carry out some repairs and essential services for them and pay for them in advance; we refer to this as ‘The Leasehold Offer’. Leaseholders can get their gas boiler serviced or the water in a block shut down, should they wish to make plumbing or heating alterations within their property. These services are offered at an agreed price and leaseholders contact the contractor and arrange directly with them. Flat front fire doors can be purchased from and fitted by the major works contractor.

Communal Areas

We are responsible for repairs in communal areas such as stairs, lifts, fire alarm systems and emergency lighting, door entry systems, security gates, TV aerials, lighting, drains, windows, bin storage areas, fencing, walls, paving and gardens.