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What is Safeguarding?

 What is safeguarding? 

Safeguarding is about keeping vulnerable adults and children safe from harm. This includes protecting their right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.


What is abuse?

Abuse is a violation of someone's human and civil rights by another person or group of people. The person causing harm may know the person suffering abuse. They may be in a position of trust and power. They could be a professional, a friend, relative or neighbour. Abuse can happen anywhere, including at home or in public places. Abuse can be a single incident or repeated acts of abuse and neglect. This includes physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse. It can also include discrimination, modern day slavery and self-neglect.


What are the signs of abuse and neglect?

Recognising signs of abuse and neglect is complex. It is important to be aware of the possible indicators of abuse. You should be vigilant so that you can support someone if you are concerned.

You may become concerned about a person if you notice they:

  • have become quieter, withdrawn from activities, contact or communication
  • have lost weight or appear malnourished
  • seem to be struggling with money or have no money available
  • have cuts, bruises or injuries that can’t be explained
  • have changed behaviour
  • have changed sleeping patterns

It is important to remember that these are only possible indicators of abuse. But it is always better to do something if you are concerned about a person and to make sure that they are safe.


What do I do if I am concerned about someone?

You can report concerns to us by calling 020 7364 5015. We will put you through to the relevant housing officer so that you can discuss your concerns with them.

You can also report concerns to Tower Hamlets Council. You can call 02073645005 for an adult resident or 02073645006 for a child resident.


Call 999 if you or the person is in immediate risk. Or call the police on 101 if you think a crime has happened.


What will we do if you raise safeguarding concerns about others?

  • We will help you report your concerns to the right agency, such as Tower Hamlets Council, NHS or the police
  • We may share details of your concerns with other agencies to help them to investigate
  • Where appropriate, we will carry out our own investigations


What will we do if you raise safeguarding concerns about yourself?

  • We will support you and discuss with you whether you want us to raise a safeguarding concern
  • We may refer to Tower Hamlets Council if it is necessary to keep you and others safe