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Clutter in your property

Are you overwhelmed by your clutter?

Clutter in your property

Sometimes people can get overwhelmed with clutter. The collection of possessions in living areas, gardens or communal areas can limit everyday activities. These can include cooking, cleaning, moving through the house and sleeping. They may also lead to damage to the property and be unsafe for individuals, visitors and neighbours.

There can be risks caused by too much clutter. The most common risks include increased likelihood of fire and fires spreading; difficulty carrying out repairs; risk of mould, gas leaks or flooding; and risk of personal injury from trips and falls.

Emergency services may also have difficulty getting into the property as they usually carry equipment and may have bulky protective clothing. It is important for emergency services to have a pathway that is wide enough to get through to help you or anyone else who needs their help.

Large number of items collected that can make it difficult to use a living space or to keep gardens and communal areas clear and safe includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clothes
  • Lots of furniture
  • Newspapers, magazines or books
  • Bills, receipts or letters
  • Food and food containers
  • Animals
  • Medicines and medical equipment
  • Collectibles such as toys, video, DVD, or CDs

What can we do to help?

We are committed to supporting residents overwhelmed with clutter, balancing their needs and the needs of other residents.

You can report concerns to us and get support by calling us on 020 7364 5015.

We will work with other agencies to coordinate support for you and may assist with smoke detectors, fire rated doors, financial and benefits advice, clearance (including gardens), pest control, repairs inspections and decorations.