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New Deal for Leaseholders

The New Deal is our commitment to improving things for THH Leaseholders.

The New Deal is our commitment to improving things for THH Leaseholders. We want to give you more flexibility, transparency and choice.

Below is an overview of the New Deal and you can find out more detail by clicking the menu on the left.

Major works

We want leaseholders to know that we are giving them the best deal we can and giving as much notice as possible for major works. There should be no surprises when the bill comes. That’s why we now offer:

  • More notice of works
  • Tours and inspections with THH staff and contractors - from the start
  • More accurate estimates
  • An up-to-date map of what’s planned for the next five years (view the map here)

Major Works Process

We have produced flowcharts to explain the process we will follow when we wish to carry out major works. Most of the major works we carry out will be covered by a Qualifying Long-Term Agreement, which is an agreement entered into by a landlord with a contractor for a period of more than 12 months.

The flowcharts give a basic outline of the steps for guidance only. The process and the order of the tasks may vary depending on the type of work being carried out.

New payment terms

To make paying easier we now offer:

  • A 5% early repayment discount
  • Two years’ interest free payments
  • Payment plans up to ten years

Rights and responsibilities

We've made your leaseholder rights and responsibilities much clearer in our summary document.

Online services


If you are a leaseholder and want to book Mears for a repair in your home, call on 0330 123 9776 or visit