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Building insurance

Building insurance

As you may be aware the Council’s Building Insurance section undertook a s20 consultation exercise with you and sought competitive quotes for the building insurance commencing on 01 April 2018. Given that THH is obliged to ensure cover is in place, we have had to accept the compliant bids. However, this will mean an increase in the amounts payable by you. Further details of your contribution towards this charge was issued to you with the April estimates, if you require copy of this please contact us on 020 7364 5015 or email us at

The council owns the building you live in and the responsibility to insure the building and common parts lies with them. In April each year, we will bill you for your share of costs for building insurance.

The building insurance policy includes the building as the structure of the block and communal areas. The policy includes:

  • Interior decorations and fixtures and fittings within the communal areas
  • Private garages, including garages on nearby sites forming part of the property
  • Domestic outbuildings
  • Septic tanks and central heating fuel tanks
  • Walls, gates, fences, hedges, railings, terraces, lamp-posts, patios, drives and paths
  • Sheds

The building insurance is supplied by Zurich Municipal.

Making a building insurance claim

If you need to make a claim for your property on the building insurance policy, you should:

  • Check the policy booklet and schedule of cover to see if the loss or damage is covered and what conditions might apply
  • Pay the first £50 (the ‘excess’) of any claim (except for subsidence where you pay the first £1,000)
  • Contact the insurer’s claims handlers directly on:

    0800 923 4200

  • Make your claim within 90 days. (30 days for subsidence and legal liability claims)
  • Quote policy number 10/006460/05500420
  • Not carry out any repairs (except for essential emergency works up to £250) without the Insurer's approval. If you do carry out essential emergency works please retain receipts as these may be requested by ZM when you report the claim