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Compliments, comments and complaints overview

Learn how we manage your feedback

We always aim to offer excellent services but like any organisation we can make mistakes. We are always pleased to hear when we do a great job or if we get something wrong, and we welcome customer feedback so that we can learn from our mistakes and improve our services.

If you have concerns regarding the service you receive from us, please give us an opportunity to put things right for you. Sometimes we do get things wrong so if after contacting us we have not resolved your concerns and you wish to make a formal complaint please make an online submission using the e-form.  

Filling out a comments, compliments or complaint form online

The following links will take you to the council's compliment, comment or complaints forms. To make sure your complaint gets to the right people, please write ‘Housing Management’ in the reference section.

If you prefer to talk to us call us on 020 7364 5015. You can write to us at: Tower Hamlets Homes, PO Box 66355, London E14 1GU.