Somali Tenants Engagement Project


Tower Hamlets Homes Somali Tenants Engagement Project Winner of the TPAS 2012 national and regional Excellence in Equality and Diversity Award Category

The Somali Tenants Engagement project enabled us to engage specifically with Somali tenants and work with local community organisations to develop innovative solutions to problems.

As a result, we have:

  • Successfully supported over 200 Somali households to tackle issues such as rent arrears and overcrowding;

  • Changed how we provide information and developed innovative ways of making it accessible – producing talking leaflets and picture cards for those who don’t read either English or Somali

  • Helped three local Somali women find employment

  • Recruited a Somali tenant onto our Resident Scrutiny Panel

  • Begun an engagement project with the local mosque set up by the Somali community

  • Dramatically improved our understanding of Somali tenants’ needs, made our services more accessible, and improved outcomes for one of Tower Hamlets’ most vulnerable community groups

  • Increased Somali satisfaction with our overall service from 59% in 2009/10 to 82% in 2011/12

Overall the Somali Tenants Engagement Project has helped Somali tenants from being one of least satisfied groups of Tower Hamlets Homes’ residents, to be one of the most satisfied.