CiH Equality Diversity Charter


The CIH Equality and Diversity Charter is a framework that helps Tower Hamlets Homes identify what outcomes a fair and accessible housing service can deliver. By signing up to this Charter, we are making a public commitment to deliver a fair and accessible housing service which is clearly focused on outcomes for staff, tenants and communities.

Complementing our Diversity Strategy, the Charter includes a set of commitments which are underpinned by a range of outcomes – together, the commitments and outcomes provide a framework against which Tower Hamlets Homes can assess where we are now and where we aspire to be. By signing up to the CIH Equality & Diversity Charter, Tower Hamlets Homes has made the following core elements:


1Who we are:

  • Equality and diversity is driven from the top
  • Equality and diversity informs our business planning
  • Equality and diversity shapes our organisational culture
  • Equality and diversity is supported through staff training, development and engagement


2Who we serve:

  • We know who our customers are
  • We involve our customers in shaping and scrutinising services
  • We represent the communities which we serve
  • We support the communities which we serve