Stock condition survey of THH managed properties

Posted on Thursday 19th December 2019

Ridge Surveys website

THH has appointed an independent surveying company called Ridge to survey some of our housing stock (about 20% of all the properties we manage this year and a further 20% each year until 2023).

If Ridge need to gain access to your property they will write to you in advance to let you know. On the day of the visit the surveyor
will be carrying photo ID and wearing a yellow ‘THH’ hi-visibility vest. They will also be carrying letters of introduction from THH.

The surveys are being carried out so that we can check the condition of the properties we manage and schedule maintenance accordingly. These surveys mean that we can identify what work is needed and when they need to be scheduled for completion.

These visits will take place between standard office hours – Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. If you are in any doubt as to
whether someone calling at your home is from our partner, Ridge, you can call our contact centre on 0207 364 5015 or:

•    Kerry Parfree at Ridge and Partners on 01962 834396
•    Ian Dalgleish at Tower Hamlets Homes on 020 7364 7195

If you are in any doubt about the true identity of a caller at your home, please contact us to check. If you feel that you may be dealing with a bogus caller (someone trying to gain access to your home under false pretences) close the door and call 999.

You can read more about bogus callers and what to do on this page of our website.

Posted on Thursday 19th December 2019