Free gadget to reduce condensation

Posted on Monday 9th February 2015

Tower Hamlets Homes is giving away free Hygrometers to help tenants deal with condensation in their homes.

Nine out of ten  residents* using a THH Hygrometer at home have found it useful, and most told THH that it helped them to reduce condensation. In many cases tackling condensation can help reduce damp, and mould growth, and even improve health.

Following the success of an initial trial, THH is now encouraging more tenants to take up the offer of a free Hygrometer.

THH Chief Executive, Gavin Cansfield, says: ‘A Hygrometer shows how warm a room is and measures moisture in the air. This can help tenants identify when to turn up heating or increase ventilation by opening a door or window.

‘Opening a small window or air vent can be enough to stop condensation, without increasing heating bills. We are happy to supply a Hygrometer to any THH tenant who needs help in reducing condensation.’

To get a Hygrometer visit an Ideas store to collect one in person or email, giving your full name and address.


 *As reported in a pilot customer satisfaction survey conducted during August 2014 to gauge resident satisfaction with the issuing of Hygrometers.

Posted on Monday 9th February 2015