Shared Views to be exhibited around the neighbourhoods

Posted on Tuesday 15th April 2014

'Shared Views' an exhibition that showcases Youth Ambassadors and Older People's Champions from Tower Hamlets is to be exhibited around the neighbourhoods.

Residents from Tower Hamlets Homes worked with Magic Me artists Liane Harris and Kate Lovell, to challenge stereotypes about older and younger people. The group shared their own perspectives about themselves and each other through a series of eleven stunning images. 

“It’s fantastic to see how much older and younger people do have in common despite the different generations, said Gavin Cansfield, Chief Executive for Tower Hamlets Homes.

"The project has helped build relationships and understanding between residents who live in the same community – but may not otherwise have had the chance to get together.”


The exhibition, which was launched at Oxford House yesterday (April 10, 2014), is to be shown throughout the year at a number of Community Halls, Youth Centres and Pensioners’ Clubs in Tower Hamlets starting with Cranbrook TRA Community Hall in early summer.

















Watch out for more details about the exhibition here or contact Rassel Miah on 020 7364 7174

Posted on Tuesday 15th April 2014