Report a repair

If you need to report a repair, change an appointment or you need advice about a repair, please contact us.

By phone

Tel: 0800 376 1637 (free from landlines) or 020 7364 5015 

Or by using the Freephone at:


Use our online service to report a repair (not for emergencies) 

Write to us

Tower Hamlets Homes
PO Box 66355
E14 1GU

We respond to emergency repairs within 2 hours and complete with 24 hours. Follow up repairs to tenanted homes are usually completed the next day. Our repairs service out of hours is a make safe service only where there is genuine danger to residents or property.

Repairs policy

Our repairs policy has details about what repairs we are responsible for as a landlord and what tenants are responsible for.  You can read the policy here.