Cranbrook - Heraldic Shields


Heraldic Shields, Cranbrook Estate


If you like your history then you may know that the six tower blocks on the Cranbrook Estate in Bethnal Green (Offenbach, Puteaux, Modling, St Gilles, Alzette and Velletri) were originally built with a coat of arms above each entrance door, which can still be seen today.

But you may not know that the sixcoat of arms were also once displayed on the boundary wall outside Tate House, but disappeared due to the ravages of time.

Housing staff agreed that it would be a fantastic idea to replace all six using Neighbourhood Action Plan funding. They now proudly sit in the original shield alcoves on the boundary wall, overlooked by the famous bronze sculpture, 'The Blind Beggar and His Dog'.  

Tyrone Ross, Contracts & Performance Team Leader at the Bethnal Green Neighbourhood Office said: “I was so pleased we were able to replace every single one. Two women, who lived on Cranbrook as children, happened to be visiting their dad whilst we were installing them. They told us the shields had been missing for about 20 years.

"I want to thank everyone who made this possible. A special thank you to Gary Kennett and Dave Salmon from Mears, who investigated the archives to locate the information, shield designs and arranged for them to be manufactured, mounted on wooden surrounds and then fitted them to the wall. 

“This is Mears and Officers going the extra mile to bring colour and history back to the estate.”