Repairs - your responsibility

You are responsible for maintaining and repairing the interior of your property. You need to arrange for a qualified tradesperson to carry out any repair that is your responsibility (e.g. inside your home). If you ask us to carry out a repair that is your responsibility, in some circumstances we may carry out the work, but we will charge you for it (see Emergency Repairs).

Repairs - our responsibility

We are responsible for maintaining and repairing the structure and the common parts of your building and estate. Your lease allows us to charge you a fair share of the cost of these works. You can find a simple guide to to your repair responsibilities in this document.

Your exact responsibilities will depend on your lease.

If you need to report a repair and it is our responsibility to carry it out, please contact our 24 hour Repairs Helpline.

You can read our repairs policy here.

Emergency Repairs

We will carry out emergency repairs to a leasehold property if:

  • not making safe might put you or your neighbours in danger
  • making safe is part of a wider emergency for the block or a number of homes

We will only make safe in dangerous situations. You will need to carry out any follow up works yourself. You should call out your own contractor to do this. If we do carry out any follow-up work, we will charge you for it.


Services by our repairs partner - Mears

As part of our partnership with our repairs contractor, Mears, we are making available services to Leaseholders previously only provided directly to tenants. Initially these services are focused on Gas, but may grow as we understand your requirements.  Full details on the services on offer are available on the Mears website.

Mears will be offering:

  • Annual Gas Servicing for Home Owners - £60 (plus VAT, subject to T&C)
  • Block Shut Downs – £250 (Plus VAT, subject to T&C) (e.g. if water or communal heating has to be turned off for the whole block, so that repairs/improvement work can be carried out)