Rights and responsibilities

We’ve relaunched our service standards with a document detailing the rights and responsibilities you have towards us and we have towards you.

In general your responsibilities are to:

  • Pay in advance, your service charges including ground rent.alterations
  • Keep your home in good condition and repair.
  • Use your home as a private flat.
  • Be responsible for your visitors.
  • Be a good neighbour by not causing annoyance.
  • Repair and maintain the interior of your property.
  • Ensure your property does not damage the structure and shared areas of the estate and ensure your home has a fire rated door fitted if it opens onto a shared area.
  • Not carry out any alterations to your home (other than fixtures and fittings) without formal written permission from THH. If in doubt ask us.
  • Repay the required amount of discount if you sell your home within five years if you purchased under the Right to Buy.
  • Not put up aerials, satellite dishes and so on without our written permission.
  • Get our written permission if you want to keep an animal in your home.
  • Inform us and complete the required Deed of Sublet if you wish to sublet your property and provide necessary certificates to ensure you are meeting your obligations as a responsible landlord.

Our responsibilities are to:

  • Keep the condition and structure of your home in good repair.
  • Maintain the services to your flat, building and estate; for example by providing caretaking and gardening services.
  • Give adequate notice if we need access to your flat to carry out works other than in emergency situations.
  • Ensure that the structure and communal areas in your block are insured against fire and damage.

You should have received a copy of ‘Your rights and responsibilities, Information for leaseholders’ with your leaseholder bill in October 2017 - you can read the full leaflet about rights and responsibilities on the website.