Youth Activities

The New Year is bringing in new opportunities for young residents of THH!


In the summer of 2019, THH commissioned seven youth and community organisations to provide a five-week summer holiday programme using funding from Tower Hamlets Council. The seven organisations were Society Links, Vallance Community Sports Association, Osmani Trust, Newark Youth, Ocean Youth Connexions, Neighbours in Poplar & Splash and St Hilda’s Centre. This program was a big success; with 679 young people taking part in free activities including arts, football, community projects and a massive water fight.


Following the successes of the summer program, THH is now commissioning six local youth and community organisations to offer a longer-term detached youth service on all of its estates. The new youth services will offer safe spaces for recreational activities, advice, and signposting to the services young people say they need, leading to an overall reduction in youth-related antisocial behaviour on estates.


A consistent, long-term youth services offer is part of THH’s strategy to create safer neighbourhoods, and will allow young residents to take part in positive activities that challenge them, and cultivate their skills. These skills will be put into practice as young people take a lead in organising community fun days and celebration events alongside their youth workers in the warmer months. Youth workers will also be on hand to speak with adult residents who have concerns about young people on their estate.


Click here to read about what we did for summer 2019.

For more information, contact Community Partnerships officer:

Evelyn Stanley (Youth Engagement & Development Lead)

Telephone: 0207 364 4508