Swapping your home


Are you a tenant and want to move to a smaller home locally?
Are you currently living in a home which is overcrowded?

Swapping your home with another tenant can be a good option. 
This is sometimes known as a 'mutual exchange'. If you choose to swap with another tenant, your security of tenure would remain the same.

If you move to a smaller property, you will receive a cash payment and you may be eligible for practical support such as removals or redirecting your post. We can help you manage some of the practical issues of moving home too, so that the process is easy and less stressful.


Before you swap your home

Whichever way you find your mutual exchange partner, you must ask our permission before you move. We won’t usually say no, but if we do we’ll give you our reasons in writing. It’s very important that you arrange to look at the other property before you make a decision to move.

When you swap, you must accept the other property as it is left. If you owe rent you usually won’t be able to move until it is paid. It’s illegal to pay anyone to persuade them to exchange tenancies with you.

If you would like to talk to us about mutual exchange, or if you need more information or you think we can help in anyway, please contact us


Homeswapper National Service

The national website HomeSwapper lets you to advertise your home swap, find your ideal mutual exchange, and search for potential matches with thousands of other people with tenancies from all over the country. Registration is free, easy and secure on their website.