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Stay safe - be aware of bogus callers

there have been reports of bogus callers in the borough
Tower Hamlets Homes -
11 June 2021

We have received reports of bogus callers in the borough, who are claiming to be employees of THH repairs contractor Mears.  Please stay safe and do not allow anyone into your home without carefully checking that they are who they say they are.

What to do if someone calls at your home without an appointment

We will always try and make an appointment with you first, but there are times when we will need to visit homes urgently.

Please note that anyone calling at your home from THH or contractors operating on our behalf will always carry identification.

How to check that callers are genuine 

If you receive a visit then please carry out the following safety checks before allowing access:

  • Mears staff will always carry photo ID cards, please ask to see this
  • Mears staff will wear shirts and clothing with the Mears logo on them
  • Mears staff will be driving vehicles which state they are Mears vehicles

Even if callers are wearing work clothing such as high-visibility jackets or carrying tools this does not mean that they are genuine callers.

Contact us to double check 

If you are still unsure about any caller then please don't let them in and contact our Housing Service Centre on 020 7364 5015 or freephone number: 0800 376 1637


Tower Hamlets Homes -
11 June 2021