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Inspiring Communities Fund 

The Inspiring Communities Fund offers grants of between £100 - £5000. The fund is for THH residents and local community groups. The initiative is for great ideas to improve your neighbourhoods.*

Before applying, please read the Application Guidance Notes for funding requirements.

You may decide to partner up with community organisations/TRAs for your application. For more information, please look at the Community Asset List.

We are keen to fund local based social activities that bring people in THH together. You can apply for funding to support local events, projects and activities. Want to start a Community Food Garden? Or set up an exercise class to benefit others in your neighbourhood? This is your chance. Individual residents**, Community Groups and Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations can apply.

There are three funding rounds per year.

The next round will reopen from:

  • Monday 3 January 22- Friday 28 January 22

** All rounds open from 9am and close at 5pm on the day of the deadline.

"There are so many people in the community who want to make a difference. Our ICF is a good initiative which helps make projects a reality. Are you a THH resident or local community group? Have a great idea for a project that could make a real difference to your community? We want to hear from you!”
Fokrul Hoque, Community Partnerships Manager at THH

To apply, download, complete and return your applications by email or post to:

Financial Health Centre, Raynham House, Massingham Street, E1 4EB.

Click below to download:

*Applicants are not able to receive more that £5,000 across three funding rounds

**Please note individual resident applications will need support from a TRA/Community Group. Full details are in the guidance notes.

For information about the projects funded through the ICF, please refer below:

Outcomes from previous rounds 1-14

If you have questions about the ICF, or want help in completing your application contact:

If you would like to hear about future ICF rounds, please sign up to our mailing list here.

Residents Fundraising Toolkit

This simple toolkit explains the different stages of the fundraising process. Including top tips to help avoid pitfalls and increase chances of fundraising.


Other useful links:

Other grants available

A range of funders listed by THCVS:

Funding managed and distributed by East End Community Foundation:

LBTH and a range of other funders:

Joint Residents Training Programme 2021-22

Our Joint Residents Training Programme is back!

Want to learn new skills? Build your confidence? Get involved in your community? Improve your home? Then sign up and attend one of our training courses.

Our Resident Training Programme is designed to help benefit the community of Tower Hamlets and covers many topics to suit a range of different needs, such as:

  • Leadership Training
  • Data Privacy
  • Community Engagement (bid writing & grant funding
  • Getting into Volunteering
  • First Aid - Accredited
  • Landlords’ roles and responsibilities and holding your landlord accountable
  • Level 2 Food Safety - Accredited
  • Chairing and Committee Skills
  • Safeguarding
  • Mental Health First Aid - Accredited
  • Managing Community Buildings (including H&S, risk assessment, fire safety, first aid, etc.) and many more.

For a full list of our timetable please see below and check out our Eventbrite for registration and location details.

We also do courses for residents who are members of Residents’ Associations. These courses, among other things, help members to chair meetings, organise community events and apply for grants. We hold accredited trainings too, meaning you will receive a nationally recognised qualification on completion of the training.

This year, all courses are free to residents of:

  • Tower Hamlets Homes
  • THCH
  • Providence Row
  • Southern Housing
  • Spitalfields Housing
  • SWAN Housing
  • Gateway Housing
  • East End Homes

This programme will run from winter of 2021 to summer of 2022.

To find out more, email

Please note that registration for courses will be put up a month prior to the training sessions date.

To register check out Eventbrite:

All training courses will be held at local venues unless stated otherwise –this may change subject to government guidelines. Others may be hosted online via zoom – you will be required to have Zoom installed on your device.



Course Date Time
Safeguarding 4 December - Saturday 10am-4pm
Chairing and Committee Skills 10 December - Friday


First Aid Accredited Session 1 15 December - Wednesday 10am-5pm
Community Gardening Day 1 5 January - Wednesday 11am-3pm
Level 2 Food Safety Accredited 8 January - Saturday 9.30am-5pm
Landlords’ roles and responsibilities (tenants) 12 January - Wednesday 10.30-3.30pm
Community Engagement (including grant funding) Session 1 15 January - Saturday 10am-4pm
Getting into Volunteering (online) 19 January - Wednesday 11am-1pm
Leadership Training 22 January - Saturday 10am-4pm
Landlords’ roles and responsibilities (leaseholders) 27 January - Thursday 10.30am-3.30pm
Organising and Running an Event 29 January - Saturday 10am-4pm
Community Gardening (Day 2) 2 February - Wednesday 11am-3pm
Community Engagement (including grant funding) Session 2 5 February - Saturday 10am-4pm
DIY Workshops (mixed) 7 February - Monday 10am-4pm
Mental Health First Aid Training 12 February - Saturday 10am-5.30pm
Managing Community Buildings (Day 1) 22 February - Tuesday 9am-4.30pm
Managing Community Buildings (Day 2) 23 February - Wednesday 9am-4.30pm
Project Management (Day 1) 26 February - Saturday 10am-4pm
Data Privacy 2 March - Wednesday 10am-4pm
Project Management (Day 2) 5 March - Saturday 10am-4pm
DIY Workshops (women only) 7 March - Monday 10am-4pm
Managing Stress & Building Resilience 16 March- Wednesday 10am-4pm
Community Engagement (including grant funding) Session 3 19 March - Saturday 10am-4pm
First Aid Accredited Session 2 26 March - Saturday 10am-5pm
Personal Leaderships and Effectiveness (Day 1) 21 May - Saturday 10am-4pm
Personal Leaderships and Effectiveness (Day 2) 28 May - Saturday 10am-4pm