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Your Neighbourhood Housing Officer



Rugina Khanom looks after Bethnal Green Road neighbourhood.

Your Neighbourhood Housing Team are the people working in your local area on your behalf. At the centre of the Neighbourhood Housing Team is your Neighbourhood Housing Officer. They work on your behalf to co-ordinate all of these services:

  • Managing properties and tenancies.
  • Looking after buildings and maintaining them to a high standard, including refurbishment and redevelopment.
  • Collecting rent and charges due from residents – these help pay for the services we  provide you.
  • Keeping buildings and land clean, safe and well - maintained.
  • Making sure park areas and shared garden areas are planted and well cared for.
  • Engaging and consulting with residents, voluntary groups and the wider community.
  • Making sure that the service you receive locally is in line with the standards that we set out, including those standards we have agreed locally with residents.
  • Working with other organisations to keep crime and anti-social behaviour down.
  • Tackling nuisance, noise and problems caused by neighbours.

You can find out the name of your Neighbourhood Housing Team by reading your local neighbourhood newsletter or by calling the Customer Services Team.

If you need to speak to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer, please contact us and we will put you in touch or book an appointment.

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