Rights up my street: repairs for tenants

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Report a repair

At THH we provide a 24 hour, seven days a week telephone service to report repair on 020 7364 5015. Outside of normal office hours (8am to 5pm) we provide a service to report repairs which are an emergency.  You can also report repairs at myth.org.uk.

 We offer a choice of three appointment time slots Monday to Friday: Morning (8am to 10.30am), mid-day (10.30am to 2.30pm) or afternoon (2.30pm to 5pm).

We will complete the appointment when we say we will and aim to complete your repair correctly on the first visit whenever we can. Please notify the HSC within 48 hours if this appointment is missed.

Repair responsibilities

Repairs we are responsible for:

  • The structure and outside of your home including floors and floorboards, roof,      outside walls, painting, stairs, gutters, drainage and pipes
  • Plumbing inside your home including water tanks, stopcocks, taps, sinks, baths, and      showers, unless you fitted them
  • Outside doors and windows, unless you fitted them
  • Electrical sockets and light fittings
  • Heating facilities
  • Communal areas such as lifts, stairwells, lighting and alarm systems

 Repairs you are responsible for:

  • Internal doors and internal door furniture (excluding fire doors and kitchen doors)
  • Blockages to sinks, baths and basins where you caused this blockage
  • The repair or replacement of draught excluders
  • The repair or replacement of internal glazing (except to make safe in which case this work will be charged to you)
  • Wall tiles (except splash backs)
  • Gates, garden paths and fences (except those leading to the property or adjacent to public walkways or play area)
  • Kitchen furniture (except damaged worktops as a result of normal wear and tear)
  • Faulty external door furniture not fitted by us (except Yale locks or night latch locks)
  • Renewal of any lock required as a result of lost or damaged keys
  • The repair and replacement of plugs and chains for sanitary ware