Repair appointments


When you call us to report a repair, we'll ask you to choose a time and date when the work can be carried out that's convenient to you. You can choose one of three time slots (Monday to Friday):

to 10:30am
to 2:30pm
to 5:00pm

You can get an appointment for most repairs, except emergency repairs which we need to complete quickly - we just ask you to stay at home and wait for us to call. We respond to emergency repairs within 2 hours and complete within 24 hours. Follow up repairs to tenanted properties are usually completed the next day. Our repairs service out of hours is a make safe service only, where there is genuine danger to residents or property.

How do I cancel or change the date and time of my appointment?

If you can't keep your appointment for any reason or you want to cancel, let us know as soon as you can so we can give the appointment to someone else. If you need to rearrange your appointment, just ask.


Missed appointment? Claim £10

You can claim £10 compensation if we make a repair appointment with you and we don't turn up when we say we will. Just let our Repairs Helpline know within 2 working days. We will send you a claim form or you can complete one online. You must claim within 30 days.

Complete a missed appointment claim form.


Right to repair

For some urgent repairs costing less than £250 you have the Right to Repair. The deadlines for these types of repair depend on how urgent it is. When you report your repair, we will tell you whether it is a Right to Repair and your rights to appoint someone else, and about compensation if we don't start your repair on time. You can claim £10 compensation if we make a repair appointment with you and we don't turn up.