Frequently asked questions about repairs

When will my repair be carried out?

How quickly your repair will be done depends on a number of things:

  • How urgent the work is
  • How big the job is
  • When someone can get in to do the work
  • Whether the work needs to be inspected before work can start

We will let you know when we can start the work when you report a repair.


The contractor didn’t turn up when you said they would. Can I get compensation?

You can claim £10 compensation if we make a repair appointment with you and we don't turn up whn we say we will. Just let the Repairs Helpline know within 2 working days.


My decorations have been damaged by a leak from the flat above. Who do I claim from and can I get a decorations allowance?

In the first instance contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer. Your Neighbourhood Housing Officer will advise you how we can help. We may need to visit you to inspect any damage.


My repair hasn’t been finished. What happens now?

Call the Repairs Helpline on 0800 376 1637.  We will record your complaint and arrange a time when our contractor can complete the work.


Can you replace my kitchen cupboards?

The repair and replacement of kitchen cupboards is normally the tenant's responsibility. But we will carry out repairs to kitchen cupboards if you're over 60, or disabled (receiving disability working allowance, disability living allowance, severe disability allowance or incapacity benefit). If you are responsible for damage or disrepair to your property through neglect, we may still carry out the work, but charge you for it.                            


There is scaffolding outside my block, which has been up for weeks. Who is paying for this?

It is sometimes necessary to put up scaffolding so that we can get safe access to parts of your block - such as the roof - to carry out repairs. Tower Hamlets Homes only pays for scaffolding while repair work is in progress.


Why am I being charged for a repair?

If you’re responsible for damage or disrepair to your property through neglect, or if you ask us to carry out a repair that you are responsible for, we may carry out the work and charge you for it. 

If you’re moving out of your home, you should remove all your property and any fittings you have installed, before you leave. If you don't, we may remove your property and any fittings you have installed and charge you for this and any other repair work that is required.


The contractor does not have parts for my repair. What’s going to happen?

If a part is needed to fix a problem, the contractor will often have the part in their van. If not, the contractor should phone his office while in your home and let you know when they will be able to get the part. If this is not possible, the contractor should phone you the next working day.

My repair hasn’t been done properly. What happens now?

Contact the Repairs Helpline. We will record your complaint and arrange a time when someone can visit to check the repair.

My repair is an emergency. What should I do?

To report an emergency repair, contact the Repairs Helpline on 0800 376 1637.