Rent statements and rent refunds

Rent statements

From November 2018 we will no longer be sending out rent statements to all tenants. 

This is because by the time statements were received they were already several weeks out of date, which was frustrating because you couldn't see the up to date position. 

An easy way to check your rent balance

Whether you choose to pay by direct debit, credit card or by post, you can check your rent balance and payments online with MyTHH at any time day or night. 

There are a wide range of services available from MyTHH; from ordering a repair to requesting a parking space, so you can also easily check your rent account at the same time. 

Saving money and helping the environment

Not having paper rent statements means not having to store or recycle all your old statements.  Going paperless is not just good for the environment; it will save us around £50, 000 every year, which we can use to make more improvements to our services like caretaking and repairs. 

Rent refunds

If your rent account is in credit, you can leave the extra payment on your account to help you avoid going into debit at a later date, or you can pay slightly less for a while until the credit has gone. 

If you would like a credit refund:

We will deduct any charges you owe, for example housing benefit overpayment or service charge arrears before we pay any credit into your bank account.

Contact us

To talk to us about any issues with your rent: 

Tel:  020 7364 5015