Paying your water rates

From 1 October 2019 there are changes to the way that THH tenants will be charged for water services. 

On 30 September 2019 THH will no longer collect charges for water from tenants.  From 1 October Thames Water will bill tenants directly and it will be the responsibility of tenants to pay directly to Thames Water.

The changes come following a review of the agreement between THH and Thames Water, Thames Water have decided that it is simpler and easier if tenants of all councils are billed directly by Thames Water. 

THH won’t be able to accept payments for water bills after 1 October 2019, and payments need to be made to Thames Water directly.

Bills from Thames Water
The first bill for tenants from Thames Water is in September/October 2019. Bills will cover the period from 1 October 2019 to 31 March 2020.  From 2020 tenants will receive an unmetered bill once a year between February and March. This bill will cover the period from 1 April to 31 March the following year.  

Paying your water bill
Thames Water will split your bill into monthly instalments and send you a PayPoint card which can be used at any PayPoint outlet in the UK.  Your card comes with instructions on how to use it as well as a list of your closest PayPoint outlets.  Thames Water will send you more details on how to set up a different payment method or change your instalments if you’d prefer weekly or fortnightly.  

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