How my rent is worked out

Your rent is worked out  by Tower Hamlets council using a formula set by the government. All councils and registered social landlords use this formula. Rent levels are usually set once a year by the Council. 

The following are taken into account when working out your rent:

  • average manual wages in Greater London
  • the value of your home
  • the number of bedrooms in your home

Is my rent different to my neighbours?

You could pay more rent than your neighbours for example if you have more bedrooms
or if your home is valued higher - for example because it has a garden. Rent may be different for identical homes in different locations, as location is a factor in working out the value of a home. We will give you at least 4 weeks written notice of any change to your rent, service charge, heating or other charges.

Did you know?

You can check your rent balance and recent payments, including any housing benefit, with our 24-hour online service, MyTHH.