Non dependants

Who is a Non-Dependant?




A non-dependant is an adult aged over 18 living in your household who is not:

  • Your husband, wife or partner; or
  • A child that you receive child benefit for

How does a Non-Dependant affect my Housing Benefit?

If a Non-Dependant lives in your home, your Housing Benefit will normally be reduced. This is called a Non-Dependant Deduction. The deduction amount is based on the Non-Dependant weekly income by reducing your weekly amount of Housing Benefit. The deduction amount is fixed and is applied even if the Non-Dependant does not pay.


How does a Non-Dependant Deduction affect my Rent?

It will reduce your weekly Housing Benefit award, which means it will increase the weekly amount you pay towards your rent. Your Non-Dependant is expected to contribute towards the rent. However, the responsibility to pay the rent remains with you, the tenant, even if the Non-Dependant refuses to pay his / her part towards the weekly rent.


How much are Non-Dependant Deductions? 

The amount depends on how much gross income your Non-Dependant receives. Gross income means all the money they get before Income Tax and National Insurance is deducted. Housing Benefit will need to see original proof of Non-Dependant's income. If you don't give Housing Benefit your original pay slip as proof, of income they will deduct the maximum amount allowed.

Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payments are not included as income. The Non-Dependant deductions are set by the government and changes every April.

If there are any changes in your non-dependants circumstance, you must inform Housing Benefit immediately. 


Are there any exemptions?

Yes, no deductions are made if you or your partner is:

  • Registered Blind
  • Receiving Attendance Allowance
  • Receiving the Care Component of Disability Living Allowance (at any rate)
  • Receiving Personal Independence Payment (daily living component)
  • Receiving Armed Forces Independence Payment




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