MyTHH - How to register

Registering for MyTHH is quick and easy- you only need a few pieces of basic information about yourself (and an email address) and you’ll be up and running in no time.

If you’re having any problems just follow our simple step-by-step guide:

MyTHH home page


  • Select any of the options in a yellow box, for example:

View my details



  • You’ll go through to the Login page – at the bottom there’s a link through to the Registration Page 'I do not have an account yet (register)':

Registration page


  • On the Registration Page you’ll need to enter the following information:

Registration info


  •  If you are a tenant you can find your payment reference number on your rent statement. The payment reference number is circled in the example below:


Example tenant statement

  • For tenants you can also find your payment reference number on your rent payment card:

rent card


  •  If you are a leaseholder you can find your account number on your statement of account. The leasehold account reference number is circled in the example below:



Account statement leaseholders


This information will be matched with what we already hold about you on our housing management system.  If you’re having difficulties please try the following:

  • Surname – check your statements and other letters we’ve sent you, have we got the correct spelling?  You may need to contact us on 020 7364 5015 to update your details before you can register.
  • Date of Birth -  If you’re a leaseholder who purchased your property from an existing leaseholder it’s likely you won’t have given us your date of birth previously. To protect your account from unauthorised access we will have set your ‘date of birth’ on our system to the date you purchased your property.  If you can’t recall this date or still have problems you may need to contact us on 020 7364 5015 to update your details before you can register. 
  • Payment Reference Number/Account Number – Tenants can find their Payment Reference Number on their payment cards, statements and other correspondence about their rents.  Leaseholders can find their Account Number on their Statement of Account.

Once you’ve successfully registered we’ll send you two emails – one containing your Username and one containing your Password.  Don’t forget to check your junk/spam folder in your email account as automated messages such as these sometimes get automatically routed to these locations.

The first time you register you’ll be able to change both of these to something more memorable.  You’ll also be asked to set a Memorable Question and Answer, which you’ll then be asked to enter every time you login - your 'memorable answer' must be in capital letters (for example: ANSWER).