Dawn raid on suspected drug dealers to tackle anti-social behaviour

Posted on Monday 29th January 2018

On Thursday 25 January our anti-social behaviour team and police teams carried out early morning raids on the homes of suspected drug dealers. 

The operation was part of ongoing work by Tower Hamlets Homes to tackle people who are spoiling the quality of life for their local community through criminal activity.

Tower Hamlets Homes police forced entry to homes in a tower block in Stepney and found a quantity of drugs in the premises, and a dangerous weapon.  Drugs were also thrown through the window in a carrier bag, right into the arms of waiting police officers below.
Two arrests have been made. In addition to the criminal charges that the persons are facing the ASB team are following up with action against the tenants which could lead to a court possession order being sought. 

The operation was a further success story for the partnership working between the Tower Hamlets police officers; the first of which joined THH in October, the ASB team and Parkguard who supplied a specially trained drug detection dog.
BBC London accepted our invitation to attend the operation and reported events live on The Vanessa Feltz radio show and later on BBC London television news at lunchtime and early evening.

More information about how THH tackles anti-social behaviour and how to report it is here.


Posted on Monday 29th January 2018