Information for leaseholders - ASB service

Posted on Thursday 2nd April 2020

leaseholders ASBFor more than two years our residents and estates have benefited from a special project that sees Tower Hamlets Homes, Parkguard and the Metropolitan Police providing an enhanced anti-social behaviour (ASB) service.

This special project was scheduled to come to an end this September. Given the results that we’ve seen, we are going to continue with this enhanced service provision, however, that does mean that we will need to start charging leaseholders for the second half of this financial year, when the current funding ends.

 How the ASB service works

The THH ASB includes a police team of two sergeants and 12 constables. Parkguard Ltd has two patrolling teams. Uniquely, the police teams have their work allocated by THH’s ASB manager. They work shifts between 7am and midnight. The police teams are dedicated solely to work on estates managed by THH.

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If leaseholders have any questions about this then they can email us at:

Posted on Thursday 2nd April 2020