Latest Performance results

The THH Residents Panel has chosen the 7 Key Performance Indicators [KPIs] that they feel best measure the service THH provides to residents. We call them our ‘Super 7’. We publish results against target every three months.

Many of the KPIs are satisfaction measures taken from surveys of residents carried out on our behalf by an independent market research company, Kwest Research. These are:

General survey (residents selected at random):

  • Satisfaction with the overall service from THH [of tenants and leaseholders separately] 
  • Satisfaction with being kept informed by THH 

Caretaking survey (residents selected at random):

  • Residents satisfied with the caretaking service

Repairs survey (residents who have had a repair recently carried out):

  • Repairs completed right first time

Antisocial behaviour [ASB] survey (residents who’ve reported ASB to THH):

  • Satisfaction with how THH handled the case

'Call Answering' (the proportion of calls to the Housing Service Centre that are answered).


Our lateset Key Performance Indictors for the first quarter of 2019/2020 (April 2019 - June 2019), can be seen in the video below.