Changes to the way that tenants pay for water rates

Posted on Wednesday 7th August 2019

From 1 October 2019 there are changes that the way that THH tenants will pay for their water services.

We wrote to all tenants in June to let them know that THH will no longer collect water charges from tenants; instead tenants will pay Thames Water directly.  Thames Water have also written to all tenants.

From 1 October Thames Water will bill tenants directly and it will be their responsibility to pay directly to Thames Water.

The changes are happening as part of a review of the agreement between all councils and Thames Water which led to Thames Water's decision that it would be simpler and easier for tenants to be billed directly by Thames Water.

Ways to pay water bills

Thames Water will send all tenants information about the different ways to pay their water bills and will get their first bill from Thames Water in September/October 2019.

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Posted on Wednesday 7th August 2019