THH evicts "family from hell"

Posted on Tuesday 27th February 2018

Eviction ends family’s three generations of crime and nuisance

bailiff and police force entryA reign of terror on an East London housing estate from a grandmother, mother and grandson team has been ended thanks to action from Tower Hamlets Homes (THH). 

A tenant aged 63 years was evicted on 26 Feb from her three bedroom flat in West India House, Limehouse, following years of legal action over drug dealing, violence, threats to neighbours and breaches of injunctions.  Complaints from neighbours dated back to 2011 and there had been numerous court appearances to attempt to stop the nightmare caused to neighbours. 

The property had been raided by police on four separate occasions with class A drugs and a collection of knifes and Samurai swords found.  Despite warnings, the tenant continued to breach her tenancy agreement and subjected her neighbours to what was described as “a reign of terror by the family from hell”. 

The tenant’s daughter  (40) had previously been evicted from her own flat in the same block in 2016 following several police raids and breaches of an injunction prohibiting her from allowing the property to be used for dealing drugs.  On one occasion a cannabis farm was found in her property and she stated during her arrest that that she was growing it to pay off her son's debts.  Following her eviction she moved, without permission, into her mother’s flat in the same block where the problems continued.

The grandson aged 18 is the subject of an injuction and conviction for possession of and intent to supply cocaine and cannabis and prohibited from visiting the property.  Witness statements from neighbours stated that the grandson was frequently seen exchanging packages and money with drivers of cars nearby. He also hung around communal areas drinking, smoking cannabis and intimidating neighbours.  Neighbours further stated that the constant strong smell of cannabis made them physically sick. 

Possession of the property was granted on 14 September 2017 following a trial at Shoreditch and Clerkenwell County Court and a bailiff date obtained for 26 February.

The borough of Tower Hamlets has one of the highest rates of ASB reported to the police in London. The case highlights the determination and dedication of the ASB team not to allow the actions of one family to ruin the lives of all the tenants in the block.  The property will now be re-let to a family in genuine housing need, for example that is overcrowded or previously homeless and living in temporary accommodation. 

Posted on Tuesday 27th February 2018