Rent statements – important information for THH tenants

Posted on Wednesday 8th August 2018

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From November we will no longer be sending out the quarterly rent statements to all tenants.  The last one that you receive will be in October. 

We are stopping sending them out because by the time you get them they are already several weeks out of date, which can be frustrating if you want to see the up to date position.


An easier way to check your rent balance

Whether you choose to pay by direct debit, credit card or by post, you can check your rent balance and payments online with MyTHH at any time day or night. 

There are a wide range of services available from MyTHH; from ordering a repair to requesting a parking space, so you can also easily check your rent account at the same time.


Saving money and helping the environment

Not having paper rent statements will save you having to store or recycle all your old statements.  Going paperless is not just good for the environment; it will save us around £50, 000 every year, which we can use to make more improvements to our services like caretaking and repairs. 


More help if you need it

We will be offering free training sessions for customers who would like help to get online later in the year.  We will publish more details about this nearer the time. 

You will still get a letter each year in February explaining any changes to your rent and a letter in March giving you a breakdown of your rent.  You can also contact our Housing Services Centre for balance and payment enquiries.


Sign up for MyTHH now

Why not join the more than 2,500 of our residents who have already signed up to MyTHH?  It’s easy to do and there are online instructions if you need help or you can call us on 020 7354 5015. 

More information about rent payments is available here.


Posted on Wednesday 8th August 2018