Double trouble for ASB offenders in Tower Hamlets

Posted on Thursday 18th January 2018

People committing anti-social behaviour (ASB) on Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) estates now have twice the reason to worry.  From last week the special police team working only on THH housing estates has doubled in size to 14 officers. 

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In October last year a team of seven police officers, comprising six police constables and one sergeant started work.  The existing team has now been joined by an additional six constables and a sergeant. 

Working directly with THH’s ASB officers, the police team focus on drug misuse and drug dealing drug related ASB and group offending.  Persons taking and dealing drugs on and around housing estates will face injunctions and further court action where necessary. 

THH are now calling on residents and members of the public to help them catch more offenders.  Anyone witnessing ASB are encouraged to report it to them on 020 7364 5015 or email:  If it is an emergency the police should be contacted. 

There has already been considerable success in tackling ASB since the first police officers joined THH, with 20 arrests made, 411 warnings issued and two vehicles seized. 

Success stories so far include a suspected crime den masquerading as a barber’s shop in Mile End which was closed down in October last year.  The shop had been causing misery for neighbours and the local community, with weapons found on the premises. 

In December a cannabis farm was uncovered and shut down on a THH housing estate. The flat had been using electricity through dangerous illegal wiring and creating a fire risk for the whole block. 

Susmita Sen, Chief Executive of THH, said;

“Residents tell us that anti social behaviour is their biggest concern and our joint working with our own police team shows our huge determination to tackle the issue. 

“We’ve already seen the impressive results working with our original police team and now we’re twice as strong in our ability to stop people who are attempting to destroy our communities. “

Superintendent Peter Turner, of Tower Hamlets Police, said: 

“The initial team have had fantastic results in addressing ASB. It's great news that the team has now been enlarged and I am convinced it will now have an even greater effect. This is an excellent example of what can be achieved when we all work together.”

John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said:

“We are funding these police officers because we know that neighbourhood policing yields the results that we want. The officers will give us vital resources to crack down on anti-social behaviour where it is needed, and they will act as a deterrent for criminal activity.

“Our partnership work is going from strength to strength, and that is good news for everyone who lives and works in the borough.”    


Posted on Thursday 18th January 2018