Beautiful Boundary

Posted on Friday 27th May 2016

On Thursday (26 May 2016) local residents from the Boundary Estate, Shoreditch, celebrated the installation of a dozen plant filled bathtubs in an extension of an innovative idea by local resident Philip Green. Planters were placed against exterior window recesses – combatting ASB and adding more beautiful flowers and greenery to the neighbourhood.

Philip has lived on Boundary for 27 years, helps to run the community launderette  (founded in 1992) and was the driving force behind the planter scheme.

Philip’s idea was brought to life by LBTH’s Community Payback Team, corporate volunteers from Broadridge and THH’s Resident Engagement Team.

Our Repairs partner Mears saved the day when the bathtubs for the project were stolen – they rushed in to re-supply all of the equipment and their staff cheerfully helped construct the flower-bed frames on the day.

Philip said:

“Thank you to everyone involved, they've made a huge, positive difference to all residents of the Boundary that will encourage more people to work together as neighbours.”

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, and THH Chief Executive, Susmita Sen, dropped in to inspect the handy-work and thank the volunteers.

John Biggs said:

“I’m delighted to see initiatives like this in the borough, brought about by the determination and hard work of local residents.”

Susmita Sen added:

“It’s wonderful to see residents’ ideas brought to life on a day like this, and just shows what we can achieve by working together in our neighbourhoods.”

Huge thanks to all those involved in making Boundary beautiful!


Posted on Friday 27th May 2016