We're consulting Leaseholders about our Better Neighbourhoods programme

Posted on Friday 19th May 2017

Our Better Neighbourhoods programme is the general term we use for all the major repair work that we carry out to our homes and estates to bring them up to a good standard of repair. 

To help us deliver the programme we need to hire contractors and consultants to carry out the work. 

We do this by entering into a ‘long-term agreement’. 

We recently we wrote to every leaseholder (Friday, 12 May) to explain that we intend to enter into a long-term agreement for our Better Neighbourhoods programme and why we need to do it. See step 1 in our simplified Leaseholder Guide to Major Works.

If the long-term agreement goes ahead, it will start around August 2018 and last about four years.

If you have any questions about the consultation letter, please contact us on 020 7364 5015.

Posted on Friday 19th May 2017