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Posted on Wednesday 8th March 2017
Tower Hamlets mediation service 2

Tower Hamlets Homes’ (THH) residents can now benefit from access to a free mediation service in the borough, thanks to the Tower Hamlets Mediation Project.

The project has been set up to offer help with neighbourly disputes – like loud music, late night noise or parking. Sometimes small issues can escalate, with talking quickly turning into shouting; mediation offers you the chance to speak with a trained mediator who will guide discussions between people who may have fallen out. Trained mediators can visit you at home and the service is free and totally confidential.

Tower Hamlets Mediation Project has been set up by Irene Grindell (former director of Tower Hamlets Mediation Services) in partnership with the law firm Reed Smith. Additionally, Account3, a local training and development company, will provide a neutral venue and help to coordinate any joint meetings.

The project’s vision is to provide community mediation to all. Tower Hamlets Homes’ residents will be the first to benefit from this free service before it’s rolled out across the borough.

Why you should consider mediation:

  • The service is free, impartial, confidential and flexible;
  • Mediators will visit you in your own home at a time that suits you;
  • Mediators can help to reduce stressful conflict and can offer a safe and neutral space if you want to meet with your neighbour;
  • Mediators can offer other ways of communicating with your neighbour if you decide you don’t want to meet face to face; and
  • Mediators are independent from your landlord or leaseholder.

Who can apply?
All Tower Hamlets Homes residents (tenants and Leaseholders).

How to apply
Call 07434027056 or visit the website at 


Posted on Wednesday 8th March 2017