THH residents skip to it

Posted on Wednesday 24th June 2015


A local health initiative, set up by Tower Hamlets Homes’ residents, is thriving thanks to a generous contribution from THH Parking Contractors, NSL.

The Redcoat Active Forum was set up two years ago by THH resident Abdul Hannan to encourage men over the age of 40 to get active. The cost of traditional gyms was a big barrier for local residents and Abdul wanted to set up a low cost alternative that could encourage older men to get fit.

The Redcoats Community Centre hosts the group and their sessions mainly revolve around free aerobic exercise. In the past, the group funded all of their activities themselves but always lacked the best equipment to get the most out of their exercise sessions.

NSL services, who manage parking facilities for THH, heard about the scheme through Neighbourhood Engagement Officer Raju Noor and generously offered to help. Their donation will pay for the exercise space and brand new equipment, like skipping ropes, boxing gloves and occasional visits to local sports facilities.

Neil Hutchings, Account Director at NSL said:  “NSL is delighted to contribute to this worthwhile cause with our partners in Tower Hamlets. It is great to offer benefits to the wider community and to provide some much needed equipment to this group.”

Around 20 Tower Hamlets residents use the group each week and the class helps them to keep their blood pressure in check and prevent the onset of diabetes.

Abdul Hannan, the group’s founding member, explained that the health benefits of exercising are the spur that keeps the group going. He says:

“I had high blood pressure and when I learned about the health benefits of a good diet and exercise, I thought this would be a good idea. Now my blood pressure is normal.”

Raju Noor, THH Neighbourhood Engagement Officer added:

“Sustaining vibrant neighbourhoods and helping our residents engage with the community is one of our key priorities. This amazing contribution from NSL will motivate the group to keep going.”

The group meets on Wednesday mornings at Redcoat Community Centre and is open to men over the age of 40. For more information, you can email the group at

Posted on Wednesday 24th June 2015