Help where its needed

Posted on Friday 27th March 2015

‘Do you need a bit of extra help? Do you know someone who does?’

We all have moments when we feel we can’t cope; usually we are fine, but sometimes we need that little bit of extra support.

It might not be you who needs the help but you may know someone who is going through a difficult time, and may need a hand with something?

At THH our Housing Officers know what a big difference that extra bit of help can make to ensuring people can manage their tenancy.

They may need adaptations to their property, or help with overcrowding or repairs, or they may need support to deal with domestic violence or rent arrears.

Some residents might simply want help so they can get involved with their community.

THH Chief Executive, Gavin Cansfield says: ‘Whatever the reason, we are here to help. We know that right now it can be pretty tough for people and it only takes one more problem, sometimes a very small thing, to make it feel too difficult to deal with.

‘People might need extra help for many reasons, for example they may be feeling depressed, have a physical disability, be coping with rent arrears, bereavement, illness or general money worries.

‘Our officers are keen to provide support or practical assistance to help residents cope, so do contact us.’

THH provides extra support to residents around:

  • home adaptations
  • help managing money
  • changes to benefits
  • domestic violence
  • repairs and redecorations
  • help to get involved in communities
  • overcrowding
  • hate crime
  • home security

For more information phone: 020 7364 5015 (8.30am to 5.30pm Monday-Friday) or

Posted on Friday 27th March 2015